Operating System Support

Operating System is a very important part of the computer software, as every application in the computer need an Operating System to work. An Operating System can be defined as the group of computer software that manages the hardware and all the services for the computer programs. It is only because of the Operating System, abbreviated as ‘OS’, that all the software applications run and it also guides and helps fixing any problem.

Operating System Support or OSS is a support service provided by the telecommunications. It is a kind of computer system that deals with the telecom network and manages the network inventory, provisioning services, configuring network components, and fixing problems. To give a bird’s eye view of the Operating System Support, it is broadly divided into four elements.

  • It processes the sequence of the events.
  • It collects the data.
  • It has applications that manage the data.
  • The technology of implementing the applications.

There are number of things that are discovered every day. So it is very important to timely update the Operating System.

If the Operating System is not up to date, it can be fatal to your computer’s security. We might be left with loopholes in the computer system. To install the updated Operating System, Operating System Support is required. Microsoft provides 24/7 help to its clients to ensure the safety of their data and applications. The support also helps you in troubleshooting and removes any threats from your Operating System.

Now a day’s Operating Systems are the different versions of the WINDOWS. There is a number of Operating System like Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7. Without the installation of the Operating System we will not be able to access the games, word processor, emails etc.