Printer Support :

Get to know all you need about Printer Support – install basic and multifunctional printers. Get Printer support covering from our website. Install printer on both Windows (XP & Vista) PCs.Basic printers & multifunctional or All in one printer setup and troubleshooting (printer support, scanner support, copier support, Fax support). Provide a systematic, OEM recommended, secured and fast out of box setup for basic & multifunctional printers. Installing all updated printer software & drivers based on their connection type (USB, Bluetooth & Wireless). Troubleshooting printer Hardware & Software issues like paper jam, ink cartridge issues, paper alignment, OS errors etc.

  • Direct connection – USB & FireWire
  • Bluetooth – Bluetooth enabled printers & Bluetooth Printer Adapter
  • Wireless – Wi-Fi enabled printer & Wi-Fi Printer Adapter
Valuable Support

Provides valuable training on basic printing, scanning, copying, fax setup and mobile & wireless printing techniques. Troubleshooting printer issues can get difficult if done without proper technical guidance (Scanner, Copier & Fax).The Printer Support provides software installations and configurations setup on your PC, mobile or tablet over remote access. Printer Support provides various simple & recommended steps to connect the PC with their printers. Connection types supported by the service are classified as

  • Inkjets - Color & Monochrome
  • LaserJet - Color & Monochrome
  • Multifunctional - Printer, Scanner, Fax & Copier
  • Photo Printers - Photo printers
  • Label Printers - CD/DVD label Printers
We support a wide range of printers models

Printer Support includes Wide range of product includes Canon, HP, Brother, Epson, Dell, Lexmark, etc. The printer support of MAHD Tech provides a total technological coverage on basic setup of the printer for the customer's PC. Educates customers on operating the printer, take make optimal utilization of the printer, way the printers could be maintained.

Troubleshooting and diagnosing your printer to isolate and identify the exact nature of your problem can be a real mystery if we don't follow the proper protocols. Your computer has many inbuilt tools that can "help" to reveal so much. Our customer champions have the immense experience and knowledge to identify and fix any printer issue.